Learn Some Cold Sore Causes and Natural Treatments For Fast Relief

One of the common cold sore causes is herpes simplex virus (HSV). When you have an outbreak, it usually appears on one side of your mouth and stays there for about seven days. It then cracks and scabs over on and around the area where the outbreak was. It can cause pain and bleeding but can often be treated with over the counter medicines. There are some medical treatments for cold sore outbreaks, but the problem with using medications and over-the-counter remedies is that many of them have side effects.

Cold Sores: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More

Some of the cold sore causes from herpes simplex virus can cause an outbreak to return after your last treatment. Recurrences are common in people who have been ill or are pregnant. Because cold sores appear on the surface of your mouth, they are part of the visible picture of herpes, but those with HIV or weakened immune systems are at greater risk for repeated outbreaks because they are more susceptible to infection. The good news is that there are ways to prevent cold sores from returning. This includes keeping the skin around the area moist and free from moisture so the virus doesn’t have a warm and favorable environment to grow in.

Some of the other cold sore causes from herpes simplex virus hsv-1 include stress and hormone changes. When you go through a stressful period or experience sudden hormone changes, this can cause the virus to flare up and you may have another outbreak within a few days. Other symptoms include itching and/or redness around the affected area, swelling, blisters, and cracking. You should see a doctor right away if you experience these symptoms on a regular basis or find yourself developing new ones. You can also reduce your chances of cold sores returning by taking vitamins and nutrients that will strengthen your immune system.

There are a number of different herpes simplex virus hsv-1 causes. One of them is dehydration. Dehydration is commonly known as one of the cold sore causes from herpes simplex virus hsv-1 and it’s a serious problem in the world today. Dehydration is when the body loses electrolytes, which it needs to function. Dehydration can happen due to many things, but the most common include vomiting, diarrhea, and even insufficient fluid intake while exercising. If you experience frequent dehydration it’s important to get to the doctor immediately to ensure that there aren’t any other complications or illnesses that may be brewing as a result of it.

If you have the herpes simplex virus, you should also make sure to get plenty of rest if you notice you’re experiencing any of the cold sore symptoms mentioned above. These symptoms usually appear shortly after the first breakout, so it’s important to take some time off of work to let your body fully heal from the outbreak. If you find yourself having to work through the pain of a cold sore outbreak every day, you probably need some additional advice or a stronger cold sore treatment. There are a number of prescription medications available for cold sore treatment, and some of them have strong side effects.

However, there are some natural remedies that may also help relieve the symptoms of cold sore symptoms. If you find that ice works well for reducing the swelling associated with these sores, you might consider applying it to the sore on a daily basis for a few weeks. In addition, lemon balm may also help to treat cold sore symptoms. Lemon balm works by reducing inflammation and soothing the pain associated with cold sores.

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