Air Conditioning Moreton Bay Region Service

Whether you run a company, manage an investment property or own a holiday home in the Moreton Bay region, you understand how important it is to offer your guests a cushty environment. Air conditioning Moreton Bay region service is important to ensuring your guests don’t suffer with the hot Queensland summers.


Air conditioning is an essential section of keeping guests comfortable during a company lunch or ensuring perishables are stored in the fridge. Luckily, you do not have to go broke to set up one of these simple high-tech machines. The most effective option would be to hire a commercial ducted air con system from a reliable company like Moreton Hire, where in fact the first-rate equipment includes a team of dedicated electricians and HVAC experts to make sure that your investment delivers promptly, every time.

Contact us to go over your air con needs and for a quote today. Our commercial systems are available for both short and longterm hire, with the newest in energy saving technology and premium grade manufacturing. You won’t be disappointed. Our best-in-class systems will allow you to stand out from the crowd and give your business a leg up on the competition.


An air-con Moreton Bay region service could keep your property, office or commercial space cool and comfortable through the entire year. A ducted system separates your whole house into zones and allows you to control each zone individually to maintain the desired temperature and save energy by only running when required.

A Moreton Bay area service will even make sure that your commercial refrigeration unit is in top working order to offer the perfect environment for keeping food safe and fresh. Whether you run a cafe, hotel or some other form of business in the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, Deepchill will be here to offer fast and reliable services.

If you’re unsure what air con system is right for your business, the Moreton Bay region experts at Temper Troops might help you decide on and install probably the most efficient one for your needs. Be in touch today to request a quote! We’ve years of experience in installing residential and commercial air conditioners across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.


Many Moreton Bay region residents and business owners understand that keeping their air con systems maintained is essential for the fitness of their system. Whether your unit is just a commercial system or a residential one, regular service can make it keep working effectively for longer and prevent any unexpected breakdowns. Our technicians will visit your premises to conduct a comprehensive inspection of your unit, identifying any issues and completing any necessary action before the unit breaks down. If you’re unsure about your unit, don’t hesitate to offer us a call and we’ll assist you to find the appropriate solution for your needs.


Whether your business is in an office building, a mall or an apartment complex, providing the best air con Moreton Bay region services can indicate the difference between an individual residing in your establishment or heading elsewhere. With the hot Brisbane summers we’re experiencing, air con is the main way to help keep your customers cool, happy and satisfied. If you’re unsure of which kind of system is right for your business, talk to our Moreton Bay air con specialists at Temper Troops and we could help you decide on the best product for your needs. Call us today to acquire a quote.

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