Finding a Chiropractor in Slidell LA

A Chiropractor in Slidell LA is an ideal choice for people who are experiencing back pain and other spinal injuries. These professionals are skilled at natural healing techniques that help relieve various pains and conditions, including migraines, headaches, and sinus problems. Many alternative medicine practitioners also perform chiropractic care, including Dr. William Chapel. To become a licensed chiropractor in Slidell LA, you must have completed a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC).

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Stephen A. Falls is a chiropractor in Slidell LA who practices at Physicians Spine & Rehab, LLC. He focuses on the treatment of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, including back and neck pain and sports injuries. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Biophysics from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas. After earning his chiropractic license, he passed a physiotherapy exam. He has been practicing chiropractic for over 30 years.

Alicia Smith Chiropractic is a family practice in Slidell LA. Dr. Alicia Smith provides noninvasive chiropractic treatment as well as wellness programs for people of all ages. Using a holistic approach to health, Dr. Smith is dedicated to finding the root causes of medical conditions and recommending the appropriate course of treatment. His patient care is focused on helping his patients achieve their personal wellness goals. In fact, he is passionate about educating patients on their health and promoting the health of their families and friends.

Alicia Smith Chiropractic provides a full spectrum of health services to the community in Slidell, LA. Dr. Alicia Smith has been practicing chiropractic since 1980. The practice offers noninvasive chiropractic treatments and wellness programs for people of all ages. The team is dedicated to finding the root cause of medical problems and treating them through drug-free, non-invasive methods. Additionally, he also refers patients to other health care practitioners if necessary.

In Slidell, Dr. Alicia Smith is a Doctor of Chiropractic and owner of Physicians Spine & Rehab, LLC. He specializes in treating patients with neuro-musculoskeletal disorders. His practice offers chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation programs for patients with acute and chronic pain. The practice also has massage therapy and wellness programs. If you are looking for a Chiropractor in Slidell LA, Alicia Smith Chiropractic will be a good choice.

Alicia Smith Chiropractic is a Slidell chiropractor and wellness program provider. He specializes in a range of non-invasive techniques for patients to relieve pain. The clinic is also home to chiropractic wellness programs. If you are in need of a Slidell chiropractor, Dr. Alicia Smith is the right choice for you. She offers a wide variety of chiropractic services to clients of all ages. While you can choose a convenient and affordable Chiropractor in Slidell LA, she also offers a full range of alternative medicine treatment plans.